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How do we get vendors currently entrenched in education to come up with a Linux version?

How can the "little guys" = (schools that don't have a lot of leveraging power because they
are small")
with few resources ($ or manpower) benefit from the knowledge base of those in bigger
schools who already have the answer.

Can we create a community that works together to do the market research for companies that
would support or develop for Linux if we were pushing it.
Can we use our community to show companies like PASCO to develop tools that

What is our primary job! Educating KIDS. Free Mind is inferior tool for certain age kids!
Think about instruction first. If we have a tool that there is not currently a product that
does the Education Mission better, than we have to push vendors to add "linux" to the
supported OS.

Open Source Software argument doesn't fly in the "wealthy" communities.
If I can bundle the software to send home

Floorwax desert thing????
Monocultures are dangerous in any society, even if I think it's the best solution.
TESTING requirements (by law) needs to have a choice (supported on Linux) so it can have a
level playing field.

A superior solution takes off like wildfire. Focus on creating superior solutions.

Where do we spend advocacy energey? Should we spend advocacy money on promoting 'non open
source' software developers to make a "linux version" or should we use it to promote an
open source developer to make an alternative project.
Which is more imporant ... having linux on every desktop (that can support proprietory
software) or having open source applications on all desktop.

Tools like INspiration: Is the answer "use Free Minds".
Lucie: No

Chilling effect of 'patent' is an ongoing problem for open source development.

We need to clarify our message. It's okay for proprietory software to run on the Linux
platform. We welcome that.
When something doesn't work on MAC... they get the FIX it message. They don't hear that so
much because in our community because we fix it ourselves.
Free as in speech.. not free as in beer.

  • Summary Points from Small Group Discussion
    • Support your Champion
    • Hardware
    • Working out of the Bo
    • Community and Collaboration