• Some Potential Discussion Questions (in no particular order)
National Level
  • - How do we integrate the new ISTE NETS into this effort?
  • - Is there any part of NCLB that relates to FOSS in the classroom?
  • - Should we be doing something now to get ready for Jan 20th 2009?
  • - What conferences should we attend as FOSS & K12 advocates?
  • - --NECC
  • - --COSN
  • - --National librarians conference?
  • - --National Rotary
  • - Should we try to join up with OSCON?
  • - Should we snag large FOSS developers/vendors such as RedHat, Canonical, etc. to become a part of the larger group and assist with "evangelism"
  • - --Can we use those vendors, or even Education Foundations, to create pooled grants to fund evangelism/presentations at conferences?
Regional Level
  • - Are regional conferences (FOSSED, NWLS, etc) a model for spreading the word?
  • - What do people need for support to create these?
  • - We have New England (FOSSED) covered and South East, but Southwest and the mountains states?
  • - How can we duplicate the strong support for FOSS in "pockets" around the country...particularly the Northeast, Pac NW, and North Central?
Local Level
  • - How do we help a single teacher?
  • - Do we need to prepare materials for people to bring to schoolboards and admin teams?

General Questions
  • - Where is our best point of leverage?
  • - students/parents/teachers/tech coordinators/principals/school boards/state ed departments/ businesses ?
  • - What is holding up adoption?
  • - --lack of knowledge
  • - --inertia
  • - --fear
  • --- misconceptions
  • - Should we try to form some kind of coalition, consortium, cabal?
  • - Do we need to explain difference between FOSS and Web 2.0 apps?
  • - Can we create a common set of promotional materials?
  • - Can we become a marketing department for FOSS & K12?
  • - Do we need to do anything or just let it happen without help?
  • - Do we continue to distinguish ourselves as the alternative...or another solution?
  • - With what tangibles do we want to end the day?
  • - Scaffolding for a regional conference kit?
  • - Outlines of marketing materials?
  • - What are our "next steps?" What kind of "legs" do we want to give to this summit?

Wild Ideas