Group 3

Success Strategies
Do Not Do This Advice
Trade software liscence money and turn it into Professional Development
Buy Promethean Boards
Professional Development on classroom management when you have 5-7 computers per classroom.
Need to have an educaitonal based list of what you can use on Linux and what open source alternatives are available. go beyond Office.
Don't "give back" the money
Need help with "windows only" problems
Trade software money for hardware
Need help with costs of per-machine as schools ramp up the number of computers.
Has a person who can set up server
Statewide Education Service Centers/Districts that set up servers and such but limits customization
Need holiday clip art in Open Office
Spend money to have it setup, then cheap to run.

Maine is starting to see local consultant supporting the open source software such as Moodle in schools
Problem with Cease and Desist on Moodle Trademark but there is a new whitepaper from law student may help. This limits creation of the grassroots Moodle experts to support Moodle.

Grassroots...put a Kiosic in the hall and let people play. Then a few weeks later sent an email to teaches asking who wanted another computer, got a few, then more.
Not much sharing of Moodle Classes to share curriculum. Paul Nelson has a site should be publicized.

Mass Deployment strategies
Focus on "Getting more computers into the classrooms" rather then a big announcements about "Linux"

Move towards open software (FF, OO) and load open source apps onto the windows machines, this makes its easier to move Linux.
Get out the word

Engery savings

Focus on concepts not on specific programs so people know skills are transferable Windows, Linux, Mac