Group 2

Success Strategies
Do Not Do This Advice
1. Have a specific problem you are trying to solve and data to support that you have made inroads in solving this problem in terms of educational outcomes
a. Getting writing labs in classrooms
(Test scores went up) (Students went from 45 minutes using computers to 2-3 hours a week, which had a positive impact on writing).
Now let's do it to all the English classes. Now let's do it statewide.
2. Two WAVES of implementation
a. Wave 1: Create a Ground Up Success.
b. Wave 2: Get someone important to noitce
(Get the right people to notice and expand. Print and publish your stories.

3. Load Open Source Software on your images.
4. Get ground level support with parent volunteer.

I have to organize these and summarize this,, but here are the notes. I will organize and synthesize in a minute.

What is the secret ingredient to make "it" happen.
Are there people who tried it that did not suceed? why? What worked and why?
Articulate case studies?

Success Strategies:

1. Good solution to solve a specific problem
Getting writing labs in classrooms
2. Immediately test scores went up
Students went from 45 minutes using computers to 2 - 3 hours a week using computers.
Now let's do it to all the English 11th grade classrooms
Now we will do it statewide.

3. Wave 1 - Ground Up Success
Wave 2 - Smeone important notices
Get the right people to notice and expanded
Print and Stories

4. Loading Open Source Software on our images
Atlanta Public School
5. Ground level with parent volunteer
We were solving a problem
Only had enough money to put 1 new computer in each class.
A parent volunteer and Daniel
6. TEST Level scores went up in MATH
CAuse there were not enough and they did not work
TEST scores went up.
Educational Technology is not working because people don't have enough and they don't work.
Using Free Software...
What type of math activities do they work
Web Sites and K12..
See Daniel about about list of web sites.
FIRST in Math licenses... cost savings went to purchase this
3:1 ratio
7. Web Based Service (look at)
Accelerated Reader switched to web delivered model
went from 30 minutes every two weeks
Can you make this work on Linux to Accelerated REader.
Went to web based model.
Statewide adoption for streaming video
has to work with Linux
needs a flash player
Discovery Education Responded
Adding in RFP needs

Carnegie Mellon Math Products
Is this web based. ask Paul about them.

Help them identify approaches and solutions that are friendly with Linux.
Smartboard or Promethenum has Linux drivers.
Whci is Linux friendly.

What did not work.

Have a problem to SOLVE - math /writing lab

Build Community among

Have solutions for
Ubiqutious Inoperability

8. ubiqutious file access from any of the labs (or/and from home)
Inteoperability -
Stop focusing on Purse and Open Source software.
Being able to work on.
Script sets the default to DOC..
Its' not a piece of course

Lock down server
Impossible to add new applications
Go to classroom server based model
Having teachers have access to add software.

Custom Distribution - Interoperatabilty.
Can we make a custom CD.
Big enough pool of consultants.
Open Formats need to be adopted.
When we make decision, we will make decisions that work with a group of

Open LDAP vs active directory

B - 1
We don't have enough people in Georgia that can give good consulting about these issues
Get a personality
Get a person who will document what you are doing.
Remember what you did and tell the story.
Online Communities.

where are the communities:

K12 OSN list serv
School forge community
We need to get more active discussion on school forge
Where are the wikis, documentation,
We need better documentation/
But that is not what is going to take us to more rapid growth.
We need strategies for the people who can do it.
Have strategy...
The Tech as tech agent rarely work
we need 'test scores' and other "buzz word"
Apple Camp like "need a good name"
Those linux camps... users group. Put your server in your car.
increase the capacity among the tech to do open source software

Linux work!
Money is not the issue:
People do what they know how to do.
How does Apple do it's marketing.

Vendors like CDWG selling thin client like crazy
My job is easier
I am more effective
It is complex...

Academic performance went up.
Earl... propreitory vendors whining and dining the teachers
Adobe Camp
Give teachers freebie if you will use.
Drug pusher distribution.
Teachers need this product..
We need to get the teachers on board..

INdiana example
Started statewide looking... saying...
survey determined
Indiana spent a billion dollars over ten years for 45 minutes a week
how can we change
put white box in English classes was a State Wide
Focus on English -- or ONE content area
in some classes they did one classroom in each school -- did not work
Put in 1 did not work ; put in 2 worked
statewide in same subject area so people can talk.
They can collaborate
Facilitate collaboration
Virile element
It was not that we are "taking something away"
We were adding.
Sometimes we didn't connect to network - just go to same desk in the same classroom.
In the 11th grade classroom
Inside the special desk.
Before too long
Effective use of computers in an 11th grade classroom;
Fundamentally facilitates writing.
People can keyboard.
It's not like teaching SQUEEK to science teachers.
English teachers wanted a simple tool (all you need to know how to do is log on)
Focus on reliability, cheap,
Focus on what you do WELL... and go for it.
English has a stronger case for 1:1 in classroom.
You are telling me that some of the kids are going to be writing long-hand.
2:1 ratio
Tipping point 3:1 ratio
Having 1:1 was marginally more effective to 1:1
Having different solutions to support pedagogy.
Having models for case studies where you convert student workstations
How do we integrate open source software to
Assistive Technology
LTSP did not perform well enough for students
thin clients did not have the horsepower to do multimedia
WE are moving to fat client with centralize management
With local video processing... acceerated video on the client
Intell video card.
Where can you run Google Earth
We need accelerated video
Centalized authentication
LDAP authenication
P4 machines
mount the whole hard drive / diskless fat client
immune from virus, sypware
No one computer needs to match every needs.
Identify what your needs are.
90% of the generic needs
Things are getting rough for thin client... cause of multimedia

Getting hard drive out of the client.
In a couple of years we will be using FLASH memory
SSD (Solid state drives)
For a while think clients were faster. Now.. things are changing.

Video is driving need for fat client.
Off load the video processing.
Multimedia is a liabilty
Apple has not received open codec for quickTime
Free and Open source video stuff.. people are not using it.
Flash video stepped in. This really saved us. If it wasn't for Adobe doing that we would
not being able to put Linux in school