Action Points

What are your priority action steps. Log your priorities on this spreadsheet..
  • Develop Teacher Training Programs
  • Raise awareness of open source software - More distribution/ (Recommend CD duplicator)
  • Helping teachers participate in Open source community
  • use NETS standards
  • Give students tech leadership opportunites (and tools)
  • Regional conferences with hands on opportunities for immersion (branding)
    Hit conferences that feed into those
  • Give out WUBI - install a windows application as an alernative to OPENDISC
  • use hardware recycler to create 'sandboxes' for kids.
  • Best Algebra textbook worldwide was an Open Course that was continously offered and improved using MOODLE
    would serve a world wide need to address the problem of The most failed course and obstacle in students going to college.
    GEOAgebra (like Geometer Sketchpad)
  • Advocacy through SETA and other organizations (top level) that are above the grass roots
  • List of applications that does "X" (educational goal) . A clearinghouse instead of a lots of list of open source.
  • FOSS NETS matrix (taking FOSS-ED software and aligning it to standards)
  • Get the Free Sofware for School Catalog printed and distributed
  • More documentation of our Solutions ; perhaps assimulate them into Google COOP or some sort of custom search engines
  • Get industry to offer solution -
  • Advocate - free licensing for Goverment and research
  • Better distribution coordination (Edubuntu, Researchers, Get your Foss Stuff into)
  • Open Format for public documents
  • Documentation on How to Make the Transition (how do do the support, building community, training)
  • Need 'real' Book like Floss Manual (see inkscape book). Teacher Resources associated with the book.
    printed authority of source is part of it. Create a Happy Hunting Ground.
  • Better communications and support between us - ongoing (collect channel)
  • Online Database and clearing house like